In the year 2005 I resolve to: Get further into debt. Get your resolution here Already on it! @@ The first time I did it, I got, “Hook up with the ugly geek next door”. Curtis was over my shoulder, and said, “Hey! Didn’t you do that a few years … Continue Reading →

Sick and tired

My skin hurts. I want to run around really fast and stay very still at the same time. I got sick, and got my period yesterday. Double w00t. We went by a health food store to pick up some echinacea for Tempest and I. They had some there “for kids”, … Continue Reading →

Playdate, I

I had an Attachment Parenting playdate yesterday. A friend of mine, whom I’ve known for the good part of two years on an AP forum, picked up Tempest and I around 10:30am and we drove back to her house. Two more moms showed up who I knew from online, and … Continue Reading →


I feel bad, leaving my last entry at that with Arly, making it look like I came out of the blue at her. So I’ll add in one of the conversations we had before that incident, that led up to me feeling so hostile: This was in the car. Her: … Continue Reading →

Anticipating a long evening where Tempest may not be able to run around, we went for a long walk in the afternoon to the park and let her go nuts. She learned very quickly how to climb up to the top of the playground equipment and go down the slide. … Continue Reading →

Christians and Pagans

Several years ago, the first time I spent the holidays here, I was having a rough time. Much, much rougher then I am now. My father sent me an email with some song lyrics in it, and nothing else. It made me feel nice. I was thinking about them today … Continue Reading →

The tacky “Last Supper”

Really, truly, is tacky.

The Last Christmas of the Year

BibleThumper’s house wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t fantastic. No one commented when I nursed Tempest, but the entire room (11 people) went from bustling and chatting so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think to completely silent. They did it both times I nursed … Continue Reading →

Puppy pictures

After a few requests, I pulled these off the card today. I got the mouse working in Gimp so I was able to edit them properly. I’m going to have to empty my card anyway… Teaser: