Winter is upon us

It felt colder then it actually was today. The temperature was somewhere around -7, but it was freezing. I think it was more humid then usual. It always feels colder when it’s damp. Tempest was still asleep when I got my reminder phone call about my chiropractic appointment, so I … Continue Reading →


The last few days, I’ve received about five comments from passerby saying that Tempest looks just like me. I don’t have any recent photos of myself to compare with, however when looking through my baby pictures I wonder if there’s any Curtis in her at all.

I have nothing interesting to say lately… pictures will do it for me. 

[X-posted to ] “A mental health expert warns that fashionable advice to ignore your child’s tears may cause lifelong harm” More mounting evidence as to why CIO is damaging to a child. An exerpt: “‘If you ignore a crying child, tell them to shut up or put them in a … Continue Reading →

Sewing simpleton

So, I did go down later and went digging through their box of patterns. I found a bunch of baby clothes patterns dated in the 60’s that are so delightfully retro I couldn’t pass them up. They all say “easy” on the front, and are by a variety of makers … Continue Reading →

Yesterday was the first day of the BC Lions garage sale. We got up early to be there when the doors opened. I think half the town showed up. The line went twice around the inside of the store. IT took 45 minutes to get our stuff paid for. I … Continue Reading →

I’ll try my hand at a real entry now… We rented Shrek 2 the other night. I absolutely loved it. I want to buy it, and the soundtrack. I laughed until I cried – I haven’t done that with a movie in so long I can’t even remember the last … Continue Reading →


  • By Babyslime
  • 24 November, 2004
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It started snowing at four o’clock this afternoon. It’s midnight now and it still hasn’t stopped. We’ve got a good six or seven inches out there; the most snow so far this season. I went out with my camera at midnight, part of me scared it would lock up and … Continue Reading →