Well, that sucked.

What I thought would be my first real hallowe’en was a complete bust. The landlords said to expect 150 to 200 kids. WE GOT LESS THAN TEN. Less than ten! I was so cheesed. Four of them were freaking adults all dressed up toting around a six month old passed … Continue Reading →

I think I’m the only person on my friends/favorites list who is NOT giving out candy this year. Hands up who else isn’t? *crickets chirping*… Hands up who else isn’t taking their under-two-year-old trick or treating for candy? *More crickets…* We bought about 300 Hallowe’en themed stickers, and picked up … Continue Reading →

What the hell is wrong with Livejournal?

All of a sudden LJ is totally screwed up. I first noticed it yesterday but today it’s beyond help. Is this something only I’m seeing?

Curtis has this cat. Well, I suppose his parents actually have it. His name is Data. He’s a huge cat, and he has a goatee. No, really. It’s about an inch and a half long. His teeth also go past his chin. He’s coloured like a lynx, and looks like … Continue Reading →


Ten years ago, I: 1. Wanted desperately to cuddle my newborn sister, and despised her mother. 2. Was about to enter a very difficult, angry, and healing time with my father. 3. Was hoping my mother would be able to walk again. Five years ago, I: 1. Was about to … Continue Reading →

Another installment of bizarre graffiti

Some time ago I posted a photograph of graffiti on the wall of a building in the park. It read, “When in doubt, poke the goat” – but no one could tell me what it meant aside from guessing that it was some sort of veiled sexual reference. This town, … Continue Reading →

Breathe me

We were on a road somewhere outside of Calgary, in his old beat up truck with the doors held on by duct tape. He had that truck for as long as I could remember. We fought. Badly. I don’t remember why. I was so angry I wanted to open up … Continue Reading →