Curtis who?

We drove an hour and a half up to the city today to get Curtis landed (Immigrant). We got the other half of our fee, our wedding album, about ten thousand pieces of ID, scrap book, and various other pieces of proof just in case and in we went. Could … Continue Reading →

I am not feeling great today. I went to the chiropractor for the first time in four months. I told him I’ve been having some problems with my hip. The last two months have been very bad, pain-wise. Sometimes I wake up several times a night because of it. It’s … Continue Reading →

Behold, the power of boob

Today was our second playdate with Woman-Whom-I-Can’t-Think-of-a-Good-Pseudonym-For-Yet (hereafter just known as “Barb”) and her two children A & M. It was a beautiful sunny day today. This time I actually checked ahead at the weather forcast and we picked a day based on that instead of just using prayer to … Continue Reading →

There is nothing exciting going on in my life. I have no inspiration. I emailed Other Lady for another playdate, and she was eager. It’s tomorrow at two. That wasn’t so hard… I’ve made about five selling diapers now. Including two preemie/smalls that at first glance made me think they … Continue Reading →

Ship this!

WHY is it that so many people on Ebay won’t ship to Canada? I don’t understand! Is it really that freaking hard? I inquire all the time, asking if I pay actual shipping (I’ve even offered to pay MORE for “handling”) and people go, “It’s so much of a hassle”. … Continue Reading →

I spent hours looking at adoption websites. Thinking more about when I held L’s son, barely a day old. She was glowing. I was green with envy, wishing I’d birthed on my livingroom floor like her. Both of us so focused on her son. In his pictures, he looks so … Continue Reading →

I love late-night link jumping. In fact, it’s one of the things I miss most about being up all night (aside from talking to my night-owl friends, of course). I found a website with hilarious “Pathetic geek Stories” Which somehow led me to a site that contains sound files, including … Continue Reading →

It’s a two-cup morning

I have little to write about lately. I’ve been getting up between 10 and 11am now, and getting to bed by 3am. That’s a huge change for me. I feel like I’m forcing myself to do it, it feels unnatural, but unfortunately NORMAL PEOPLE do this and if/when Curtis gets … Continue Reading →


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  • 21 September, 2004
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