This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. ASCII pr0n. NUDE BINARIES. CLICK HERE! Who gets off on this? It’s hysterical. I can’t believe someone made these. How do they make these?! Some are obviously meant to be funny. They even have Pregnant pr0n! I’m tempted to … Continue Reading →

Tempest didn’t sleep from 8am until 8pm. Tweleve hours is too long to be awake for a 13 month old. I tried to get her down to sleep at least five times, when she was signing ‘tired’ and was obviously sleepy. She fell asleep in the car briefly on the … Continue Reading →

My true colours are Earth tones

(Another one meant for OD, but x-posted here. See previous entries about my notes received to get a clear view of what this is about) Alright, that’s it. I’ve come to a descision. Everyone on OD who doesn’t think exactly like me, talk like me, want to be me, can’t … Continue Reading →


So, I met another natural family living type woman from this town. I met her on some natural family living forums (what are the odds?!). For a week or so we went back and forth about meeting, I tried calling her twice (no answer) and then we arranged to meet … Continue Reading →


One dinner break, two baby breaks and six hours later… it’s done. It’s finally done. I never want to have to assemble that many pieces FOR ANY REASON again.

My butch baby

My house is a huge mess. We got a new computer desk because I was approved for the line of credit at UFW. Our current desk is falling to pieces, and this one actually closes up all baby-proof like. We’ve been looking at it for months, since we moved here, … Continue Reading →

Public Service Announcement

(This was posted for OD, not for LJ but I’ll share it here. For those who don’t read my OD, I received tons upon tons of notes, some very negative. I will share a few at the bottom do you know where this came from) I cannot edit my last … Continue Reading →


Does anyone have a natural birth? Anyone at all? Does anyone not give up on breastfeeding after one day? Is there anyone out there who doesn’t compare breastfeeding to shitting and think it’s apt? If you are one of these apparently rare people, even if it happened 20 years ago, … Continue Reading →

My buddy and me

Tempest and Moe have become very close lately. He’s a little more easy-going then Chloe, who will eventually lose her Temper and run off. I’ve seen Moe get his head stepped on with baby boots and not miss a note in his purr. He doesn’t even attempt to get up … Continue Reading →

I hate a late night conversation with a friend that involved this television show on PBS called “BooBah”. We don’t watch much TV anymore, and the cartoons we do tune into are the ones on the cartoon network or YTV (I adore “Braceface”). So I went to the website for … Continue Reading →