Family Swim

Dad decided to wait until tomorrow to drive Marika home, so we got to swim today. We swam for hours. When I put Tempest into the water, she squealed with delight. While I held her, she swam; kicking her legs and waving her arms and laughing. She adored it. Marika … Continue Reading →

3am, reading, sitting in a chair with some infomercials in the background. The baby monitor is next to me, and it’s set very sensitive, I can often hear Tempest shift in her bed. She’s been asleep since nine-thirty, woken up once to nurse. I saw something out of the corner … Continue Reading →


To that ‘Special’ someone: I can’t tell if you’re amusing or irritating. When you say something I haven’t heard of, I ask you for resources, and the one you provide is kind of crappy and doesn’t address even the issue I wanted information on, then I ask you for more … Continue Reading →

momgoddess posted these song lyrics in her journal : Drift off and dream in your paper-doll world. / Play with the presents from the boys and the girls. / Your big day is over. The cake is all gone. / We sang you to sleep with the birthday song. [[You’ll … Continue Reading →


I want this for Tempest’s first birthday. So much. Curtis’ parents did not know what to buy her, so they sent along money so we can order our “special toys” online for her. They sent enough to cover this, but it’s currently not in stock. If we add one other … Continue Reading →

We went out for dinner tonight. It was our pretend anniversary. It was great, except for our obnoxious ‘neighbors’. An elderly couple who talked, rather loudly, about how unfortunate it is that you can now recognize “those homosexuals” by looks alone. The woman wished for a time she once knew, … Continue Reading →

Two Happy

My pain has been bad lately. Sometimes I wish I could break my pelvis off and store it somewhere until it don’t hurt me anymore. Or maybe I’d take my pelvis off, and beat it with my leg. Two birds. Yeah, that’d be nice. Everyone keeps reccomending I try marijuana, … Continue Reading →

My who in the what now?

Apparently I got an OD emmy (Most Educational Diarist, I think). As I said in my note, I assume that means more than one person has to vote for you, in which case I’m humbled (And surprised). Knowing that at least more than one person thinks I’m educational is a … Continue Reading →


I am waiting by the phone for a call from my father. He was supposed to pick up my sister yesterday and bring her up. As far as I was aware, they should have arrived yesterday evening. But I left two messages and didn’t get any phone calls back. It’s … Continue Reading →