• By Babyslime
  • 30 May, 2004
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Toys R’ Us Hips

I never buy underwear. Why? Because I can’t fit into women’s underwear. I’m too small. Finding a pair of extra-small, extra-petite, decent underwear is impossible. Either that, or I have to fork out $20 a pair, which is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for one stupid pair of … Continue Reading →


Moe, Chloe and Ziyal have got a build-up of dirt on their lower backs, from god knows where. It seems to be itching them, so I decided to bathe them and then go buy a really good cat brush. Moe went first, I spent a long time scrubbing his fur … Continue Reading →


If you’re not an EQ gamer, skip this entry, it won’t interest you, not to mention it won’t make any sense.


So, we have three teeth now. But not from the normal way. Tempest was bouncing around while I was folding laundry, slipped and hit her gums HARD. She screamed with so much effort that she didn’t take in another breath for nearly 20 seconds. I thought she passed out (she … Continue Reading →

In Other News…

Tempest screamed last night from 3:30am until nearly six. She was tossing and turning, she also felt hot. Teething fever. She screamed until she was hoarse (she’s still hoarse today). I actually took her out of bed, wrapped her in a blanket and bounced around with her for 45 minutes. … Continue Reading →


Guess what came in the mail today? C’mon guess. I bet at least half of you guessed right.                           PRE-APPROVAL! Curtis is approved! He’s almost through his immigration! The lawyer sent along a request for fingerprinting, and then … Continue Reading →

Cat Scratch Fever

Tooth number one (left incisor, I’ve previously said right, but that’s because it’s on my right and I’m dumb like that) just about totally through. Left front tooth poking through. Right front and tooth beside that coming through. While every last top tooth is coming through, the bottom teeth are … Continue Reading →

Warning Label

NOTE: z No smoking around babyslime. Thankyou for your co-operation. Username: From No shit, really?  Ha. ~:) Babs, now with anaphalactic action.


Earlier this week Doula invited us to a rock picking festival. She said there would be no rock picking, it was  just a folk-y thing, that for some reason was called a rock picking festival. I didn’t know if we could go, but I  cautiously said okay. Yesterday she called … Continue Reading →