No really, you’re too kind

Curtis got to be productive today. LLord is undergoing cancer treatments, and cannot do the work around the property, so he asked Big Strong Man to do it for him. Curtis had offered earlier. Being a stay at home dad is wonderful and all, but it makes him a little … Continue Reading →

Spring has Sprung

Tempest Updates:She’s cruising well now. This adds a much higher reach to her curiosity. The other night I made her up a ‘bed’ next to our bed, to extend the mattress, which we then put on the floor. I was trying to see if she’d settle about two feet away from … Continue Reading →

Faster than a speeding bullet

Tempest cruised today for the first time. Curtis was playing on the floor with her, and I was on the computer playing EQ. She saw the cat on the couch and crawled over, pulled herself up and walked along the edge. Moe had a horrified look on his face. I … Continue Reading →

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Be sure to read all the comments: EBay: Wedding dress for sale ~:) Babs

Tempest is driving me cra-a-a-a-a-a-a-azy. She’s wiggly, and fussy, and tantrum-y. I keep trying to check that spot, I’m still not sure. She keeps tightening her lips and yelling at me (which sounds more like, “MFFFFFFFFFFTTH!” with her mouth closed…). Curtis keeps reminding me that it’s her way of saying, … Continue Reading →

Could it be?

I’ve gone back into the bedroom three times this evening because the freaking cat is desperate for baby love. I don’t know what goes through her fuzzy head as she feels her way over the bed.  “Gee, all this soft down comforter piled up conveniently at the end of the bed, … Continue Reading →

We’re up in the city. The drive wasn’t too bad. I nursed Tempest in her carseat and that satisfied her until we were twenty minutes from arriving, at which point she started pushing against the carseat and throwing a tantrum. She whined and made pitiful noises until we arrived, then … Continue Reading →

My aching feet

Today, I spent about four hours on my feet. I went to my mother meet, only to find that Doula didn’t show and I REFUSE to be the only mother there, sitting in the corner with my baby, so I left. I figured I’d go up to Wal*Mart and use … Continue Reading →

It’s Craptacular

Curtis picked up Tempest’s high chair and brought her outside on the front porch to eat breakfast. Since we have about 11oz of the apple/carrot food (which Curtis has dubbed, “Crapple”) we’ve offered it to her a few times a day (two to three) to see if she wants some. … Continue Reading →

Easy does it

I was reading back postings on a midwifery forum, seeing what kind of discussions midwives have about medical issues and so on. One of them was on weight.  A question was posed, “If a woman has a past history with a weight disorder, how do you deal with it?”  Many … Continue Reading →