Sleepy Bunny

We were all ready to go out for a walk when Tempest fell asleep nursing. She looked so cute, I thought I’d snap a picture. I love this hat.

I always thought Xena was kind of cool

But this really does it for me.  I stumbled across this article, which was highlighted with this fantastic photo.

Mmm, mm

We have another milestone. Something a ton of people with babies half Tempest’s age have already hit! But oh well… The other day I went into the store and saw a jar of certified organic baby food on sale.  Obviously it wasn’t selling.  There was only two flavours, one was sweet … Continue Reading →

The lady that moved in our old house is the LandLady’s daughter, or daughter in law. She has a couple of kids who play on the swingset right outside our bedroom window. They shriek. And not just generally playing noises, I mean they stand there and scream. Once I went … Continue Reading →

I am so damned cute

I can’t remember who gave us this hat. I think it was LC (crochet goddess that she is), Curtis thinks it was Mac&Cheese – so far the vote is two to one in my favour. If anyone recognizes it please say so, I want to know who to credit for my … Continue Reading →

Hope and Selflessness

The clinically depressed should know better than to hope that achieving what they want in life will make them happy.  I dreamed of a happy family, with a child and a loving husband who doted on me. I didn’t dream of wealth, or a career, or of seeing foriegn lands … Continue Reading →

I’m excited.  I had my first mother to counsel in real life.  I talk to her off and on at the Juice Bar, I’d forgotten what part of March she was due in. Today we walked in to get a shake and she was there, she didn’t look pregnant anymore. … Continue Reading →


Daylight savings always screws me up.  It’s getting darker later, and lighter earlier. When I wake up at 5:30 in the morning I think I’m ready to get up out of bed because the sun is shining. Tempest has awakened two days in a row at that time. I think I’m … Continue Reading →

The ultimate nursing shirt

Glamour Mom If you choose to buy one, please use this code: HEAR35 If I refer three women to buy one, I get one sent to me for free, which is great since the shirts are completely out of my price range. 😛 ~:) Babs

Diaper Ramble

Just a little blurb for posterity. We used disposible diapers on the way down to the island because I didn’t feel it would be convenient and plausible to use cloth on an 8-hour, two-day drive. (Not that I couldn’t if I /really/, /really/ wanted to).  I usually change Tempest around … Continue Reading →