Milestone Musings

(Before anyone asks, it’s a Seventh Generation diaper, we use them at night.) I took these this evening just before her bed time.  She never did end up going to sleep at her bed time.  I swaddled her up and she fought me for an hour before I gave up … Continue Reading →

Sitting Pretty

Since we set up a new harddrive as the master (and our old one as the slave, as it won’t boot) I had to start from scratch.  I don’t have a copy of PSP so I downloaded Irfanview from Tucows as a temporary image viewer and (to a much lesser … Continue Reading →

You Pervert

There is tons of controversy over the idea of having your toddler walk about naked, or even taking photos of it. We live in a world where a mother who develops a photo of her breastfeeding her toddler in the nude can be arrested for pornography.  It disgusts me. As a … Continue Reading →

Dreams and Such

I had two very vivid, and odd dreams last night. 

Where old calculators go to die

The computer came back one day late.  They never did figure out exactly what happened to the drive to make it bootless.  They set it up as a slave to a newer 20g drive we were given, and we’re gradually pulling information off it.  The computer techies said not to … Continue Reading →

Hairy conniption fit

Two days back from the computer shop, and our precious hunk of junk bit the dust.  It took a much bigger bite this time.  I don’t understand what happened.  We did two things since having it back.  We installed ADSL with help from the midnight help line, and we received … Continue Reading →

My little ones

Marika is nine, she’ll be ten in July.  Tempest is just about five and a half months. ~:) Babs

Blasphemy Juice

My father left on the 8th to pick up my sister.  He planned on starting out after work, directly from the school.  We were to feed his cat and feel free to use his computer while he was gone those two or so days.  On the afternoon of the 8th … Continue Reading →

Shiny fast

I love ADSL. It goes fast. Super fast.  I’m in heaven. It took forever and a day to set up.  I’m up at twenty past two in the morning for sake of catching up with my favorites.  I have a million things to write about, and no time.  Later.  Sleep … Continue Reading →