Collecting Dust

So, it’s been a year since I updated. I originally did intend to write here, and regularly, copying stuff I posted from my OD – but I just never got around from it. Since then I’ve written some several hundred entries, and it would take forever to transfer them all … Continue Reading →

Article: Breastfeeding Ads Delayed

I’ve half-way been keeping up with the fight to have breastfeeding support and awareness on the media. The last few articles I’ve seen are about how formula companies are trying to put a stop to it, while at the same time making it appear that they’re not.  It turns out … Continue Reading →

Article: Magazine censored for breastfeeding photo

Magazine bares all, has shop covering up cover The article is followed by an offer to send in your photos and stories of breastfeeding babies so the website can create a gallery of this most natural (and beautiful) act. I’ve sent mine in, you should too. Click the above link, or this … Continue Reading →

Curtis picked up the paper today, and in the ‘jewellry/clothing’ area was the following ad: “Picked the wrong guy, gave him the wrong finger, need to sell dress. Size 8.” I think that deserves an “ouch!” Public humiliation is the worst. — Babs

Pics and questions

I can’t think of anything to write, and I never followed this trend when everyone else was doing it, and I like my camera so… leave me a note telling me to take a photo of something and I’ll post it.  And I’ll bring back the ‘ask me anything’ thing … Continue Reading →


You know what’s annoying?  When the neighbor’s boyfriend parks is big-ass truck right in front of our livingroom window then leaves it running with the brights on. When someone says to you, “When you have kids you’ll change your views”, then when you have kids they say, “When you have … Continue Reading →

Yeah, what she said

I’m quick to anger lately.  I need more sleep, more patience, less emotion. This is less for OD and more for just purpose of ranting.

Holy Guacamole

Last night was especially bad with the food-grabbing.  Once or twice she got her hand in my omelette, and got a taste of salsa.  She threw another tantrum when I refused.  I pacified her by letting her lick my finger, while she glared at my plate and occassionally lunged for … Continue Reading →

Bite Me

Friends and lurkers say Tempest may finally cut teeth within the next week or two.  Her teething symptoms come on strong for a while, then disappear before teeth ever cut.  Every time they come around we’re all miserable.  Once again her gums are swollen, once again she’s not sleeping (up … Continue Reading →