Let it Snow

I’m using my father’s computer, which he’s granted me access to for the time being, it appears I can also use the library computer to access my email – which is something that was prohibited back ‘home’. I won’t be getting internet access until the 12th, minimum.  It appears Telus … Continue Reading →

Eat My Words

‘Just watch, now she’ll turn out to be one of those cats with ADHD who gets hyper on tranquilizers.’ AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Well not quite.  She acted a little drunk at first, then her and Moe napped, as they usually do for a mere hour.  They were easily awakened, wandered around the … Continue Reading →

Tempest was a fussbudget last night.  We had a list of things we wanted to accomplish in this house before going to bed, so of course Tempest threw a royal fit and my nausea started to return.  By seven o’clock I felt like passing out.  Tempest did not.  I swaddled … Continue Reading →


Sparkle Sparkle

I’ve had a dream two nights in a row now… I’m lying in bed sleeping, when my mother walks in and wakes me up. She’s holding a pile of folded, clean laundry in her hands.  She lays it on the bed.  Then Curtis walks by the room, and he’s holding … Continue Reading →

I spent most of last night throwing up.  After the first time, and how awful that felt, I decided to drink as much water as I could to ‘dilute’ my stomach.  That made the whole experience more tolerable.  I had excellent timing, every time I got up Tempest had just unlatched and I … Continue Reading →

I’ve figured out a trick with my breastpump.


I posted about my daughter and her interest in solids on an attachment parenting board, knowing I had a much better chance of an appropriately healthy response (as opposed to, “I started my kid on solids at 2 weeks and they’re fine” etc…).  I had two responses in an hour, … Continue Reading →

Girls drool and boys… also drool

Our mailman actually delivered our mail today. Joy of all joys! We got our diapers that we bought from NaturalMom. They’re stunning, and perfect and thank you so much, we’re all very happy with them. My mother came by and ooohed and ahhed over how soft they were. Curtis has … Continue Reading →

Defective Chocolate

My breastmilk yogurt failed miserably.  It was still breastmilk after 6 hours of sitting.  I think I got it too hot in the pan, as the thermometer I was using didn’t register the temperature correctly. I’m going to buy a candy thermometer and try again with regular milk so I … Continue Reading →