Why do I even bother?

Because I care.  I care about the environment, I care about my child’s body (either what goes in, or on it), I care about preserving her as long as I’m able to in this culture, I care about people growing up well adjusted and trying to lower the rate of … Continue Reading →

Mothering Milestone

We (meaning Curtis, my mother and I) went to the city today so I could get my teeth filed.  My fillings were a little bit too big on one side, and my jaw was aching from not closing correctly.  I wasn’t nearly as nervous, though at one point I found … Continue Reading →

Next Time

Please don’t mistake, this is not about regrets, this is about improving on what was already wonderful. I’ll ask Maggie not to give me a due date, and instead give me an estimate.  If I was ‘due’ on September 15th, I’d want her to say “late September, early November”.  I … Continue Reading →

Formula Companies halt breastfeeding support

Formula Companies Play Foul

Just one more thought for the day

I’m never watching Survivor again.  I never watched any the previous ones, and I never would have watched this one at all if it wasn’t for a certain person who made us all watch it one night when she was here, and we all got hoplessly sucked in.  “You watch … Continue Reading →

Center of the Universe

What’s this, my sixth entry today?  Anyway… I just found out that in addition to Robin Williams, Patrick Stewart and David Duchnovy, Bill Gates and Al Pacino own summer homes here.  I haven’t heard any Bill Gates sightings, so maybe he’s new…  I’d like to throw a pie at him.  Stuart … Continue Reading →

Carpe Dentum

I almost had mastitis in both breasts earlier this week. I decided that was something I didn’t want to have whilst getting dental work done (or at all, for that matter) and bulked up on vitamin C and my tincture. It worked, and it never got into its full blown … Continue Reading →

I feel like I have so much to write, but can’t write it.  The last two weeks I’ve felt very down, and still falling.  I could blame it on the winter, but I can’t help but search for a better reason.  Tempest is more fussy then usual, Curtis is more … Continue Reading →