Tempest is learning more control of her hands.  She can grab something she wants that is near her face, and bring it to her mouth to chew on.  She chews on everything.  So far her favorite teether is Nana’s finger, which she’s bruised from strong gums. However, with this new … Continue Reading →


My baby is a happy baby.  I love her smiles, her giggles and happy coos.  She has such a sweet voice. I love hearing her make ‘Mana’ noises when she wants to nurse, and her little squeal of joy when I cradle her in my arm to prepare. I love waking … Continue Reading →

Diaper Free

So many people inquired to this in my last entry I thought I’d post some information on it.  Diaper free, or ‘elimination communication’ is a form of natural parenting where you learn your baby’s signals for elimination, and then respond to them.  It takes devotion, and a lot of patience to begin … Continue Reading →

Chronic Overpacking

I went to a mothering group today. I was the first there, as usual. All the women I met from last week came with their children. I was glad to see familiar faces. It was wonderful. But I felt so sad. I’m starting to make friends, and connect with groups … Continue Reading →

I {heart} my wrap

On the way to go shopping today we checked the mail and found my Ultimate Baby Wrap had come.  Curtis asked if I wanted to go back home for a moment to watch the video so I could wear it downtown, but I assured him I’d figure it out. In … Continue Reading →

Last night I didn’t get to bed until two in the morning.  I gave Tempest a dream-nurse when I got into bed in hopes she’d stay asleep longer, and put her back in the co-sleeper.  At four she woke up, and again at five (after only 20 minutes of sleep).  … Continue Reading →


About a week ago Tempest fell asleep on Curtis’ chest with her arms stretched around him.  “She’s hugging me!” he said, “Get a photo!”  I thought that was adorable. Pumpkin sleeps on the foot of the bed all night long.  Very often she won’t stay there, and inches her way … Continue Reading →

I rented a breast pump from the pharmacy almost a month ago, one of those heavy duty Lactina Select ones. I wish I could have one (and not pay $3k for it). We were dreading taking it back, because as far as I know it’s around $25+ a week and … Continue Reading →

Autumn Harvest

Today at the midwifery clinic there was a get-together of the 2002-2003 fall ‘bumper crop’ babies. So many babies. This last eight weeks Maggie has had 17 deliveries, and another five are imminent. I don’t know how she does it. I showed up first, as always. For some reason whenever … Continue Reading →

Space For Rent

I’m in desperate need of a free homestead that does not have ‘built-in’ ads. You know, the ones that show up on every single page and interfere with javascript and so on (Ala Tripod, Fortunecity, etc). Old-fashioned popups would do nicely. I’ve finished the whole baby section of a website … Continue Reading →