I don’t think you’re truly deep into motherhood until you’ve been peed on. Tempest has been terribly fussy the last few days. Her crying has probably totalled next to five or six hours during her waking period (which is eight hours). It’s exhausting. This morning I was alternating between two-minute … Continue Reading →

Dangerous Cargo

Is it just me, or does this look as though this mother is trying to smuggle her baby onto an airplane? I don’t know about any of you other parents, but I’m not too comfortable putting my baby in a dufflebag. PS. Apparently, this mom is smiling because she has … Continue Reading →

I hate not sleeping. I have insomnia, and a baby. We came home from the city and Tempest was screaming. She screamed on the drive back, she screamed on the boat, she screamed allllll the way home (wee wee wee wee). I bounced her, I walked her, I tried to … Continue Reading →

My Worst Nightmare

For years I’ve had reoccuring nightmares about my teeth crumbling and falling out of my head. The dreams were truly frightening, at least to me, someone who is very dentist-phobic. The crumbling-tooth theme was so prevalent that it was leaking into my other dreams. I remember once having a dream … Continue Reading →

You Are My World

I finally finished my belly cast. A good friend of mine came over this last weekend, and helped me paint it because I don’t trust my ‘artistic abilites’. It took us until this afternoon to get a quiet few minutes with Tempest to press her feet. All I have left … Continue Reading →


L’s son Corwin was born at 5:45am on Saturday morning, at home. He weighed six pounds, fourteen ounces and was twenty inches long, the same stats as Tempest. His head is huge, and is apparently in the 95th percentile. He looks exactly like her, but a boy. He even has … Continue Reading →

To Do

I posted on a couple of breastfeeding support forums, looking for advice on recurrent mastitis. I’m bulking up my vitamin intake, then going to the health food store for a soy lecithin supplement and some echinacea because I’m out. I’ve rented a Medela Lactina pump from the pharmacy, to make … Continue Reading →


So, I think we found the main reason Tempest is so fussy… it wasn’t anywhere near my realm of ‘what ifs’.

Debating with Style?

Someone posted this on the same forum where I found the studies I posted in previous entries. I thought it was hilarious, because it’s so true. It doesn’t have to be for the anti/pro spanking argument. Insert ANY hot topic into it, it can apply for people arguing any side … Continue Reading →