… it thunders

I ended up going to the hospital last night when the plugged duct on the right side suddenly became very inflamed. The pain has been excrutiating for the past few days, ever since I stopped taking the antibiotics for the mastitis (which is gone). The doctor I loathe most was … Continue Reading →

When it Rains

We got a letter in the mail the other day. It said the owners of the house have suddenly changed their minds about being gone for two years, and are coming back this January. That was our notice. Well, shit. — Babs

I can’t stop thinking about her. Obsessive thoughts, like how I’m possibly going to be at the birth if she has her baby next month, or the month after, without leaving my baby somewhere… Or completely inplusiable thoughts, like how I could pull off adopting her child. We saw Maggie … Continue Reading →

Child of Mine

I have a friend I’ve known since I was quite young. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We clicked instantly. She was a bad girl with a good heart. She was 12, with a pack of cigarettes in her pocket and a huge chip on her shoulder. We … Continue Reading →

Yesterday we tried nursing on the right side, no shield, because it looks much better then it did even a few days ago. Per the lactation consultant’s advice, I let her suck for only a moment before breaking the latch and checking to make sure she hadn’t reopened the wound. … Continue Reading →

I leak for Demons

You know that new-breastfeeding-mom thing. The thing where your milk lets down for seemingly no apparent reason, or for silly reasons like thinking nice lovey thoughts about your baby. Or someone else’s cute baby. Or that pretty baby on ‘baby story’. Or some baby down the street starts crying. Etcetera. … Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law of Child-Rearing

The past week has been horrible. I don’t want to think or talk about the next, just in case.

You are Getting angry, very angry!

A friend of mine asked me to add a guy to my MSN to tell him that his MSN was screwed up and she wasn’t getting his messages. He ended up being a real ass – but I enjoyed messing with him. This is the conversation that followed.

Baby shower

My friends threw me a surprise baby shower the other day. Not so much a surprise. I was napping, and nursing in the bedroom when they were all supposed to arrive and set up discreetly. They weren’t discreet. But that’s okay, it was still great. They decorated the livingroom with … Continue Reading →