Pushy vs. Informative

Just a smattering of thoughts on my mind.


I was perusing around some pregnancy forums, and found a mention of a particular herb, taken orally from 36 weeks onward to lesson the chances of going overdue.  This sounded fishy to me, so I started doing some web searching for contraindictions, side effects and so on.  I found a link to … Continue Reading →

One Year

Yesterday was our one year anniversary.  I’d had three hours of sleep the night before, so Curtis let me sleep late.  A little later then I would have liked, but I think he was trying to assure I wouldn’t be narcoleptic by the time evening came. All year I’ve been looking ahead … Continue Reading →

Little Moments

Curtis was feeling playful this evening.  At around 1am, he was laying in bed reading while I was on the computer.  I went in to give him a hug or two, knowing that he’d go to sleep soon.  I started to walk around to his side of the bed, but he intercepted me, … Continue Reading →

Neurotoxins and Pumping Iron?

Both of these studies I found linked in a forum, I hadn’t read them before and they’re very interesting.  I figured I’d share.

Time has slowed down.  Every day has taken an eternity to end.  Curtis is quick to remind me I’m not even at my due date yet, therefore I should relax.  Easier said then done.  What’s six days when you’ve already been pregnant for 273? It’s not that I’m complaining of being pregnant.  I’m just too … Continue Reading →


It’s 3am, I can’t sleep.  I had fairly intense contractions for several hours today.  Decided to keep my mouth shut, because I’m that superstitious a person… when I finally mentioned it to Curtis, they stopped.  This is why I’m a superstitious person.


No better way to pass the time. What Planet Are You From? this quiz was made by The Autist Formerly Known As Tim

Java Jiving

I’m a coffee person.  Going to buy beans is like being in a candy store.  I get excited, and have to smell every last type before I finally choose a new flavour to try.  Curtis won’t accompany me anymore, he says I’m odd.

38.5 Weeks, just a little more…

Had another midwife appointment today.  Now that they’re weekly and I have a horrible time remembering them.  I forgot until 15 minutes before the actual appointment time.  We missed week before last, too.   Kate was there again, apparently Maggie was having her final week ‘off’.  This is also Kate’s last day as temp. for … Continue Reading →