Summer Storms

Yesterday we heard the thunder rolling in over the ocean.  The strikes were so loud we had to cover our ears.  It’s the first storm of the season.   Curtis and I made our way out onto the porch, and watched the ocean begin to roll with the high winds.  Each wave crested with … Continue Reading →

Elusive F’s

I went to Aquafit this morning and there was another pregnant woman in the pool.  I was so thrilled.  She’s due six weeks after I am, although she never gave an official date – each time someone asked she replied, “late August, early September”.  Her name was Lisa, and she just moved here … Continue Reading →

Meat and Potatoes

I was reminicing today about meeting Curtis’ family for the first time.  

I’ve had two nightmares about getting the maternity portraits back and they’re terrible.  In the first one, I get 11 portraits back out of the roll that she felt were nice, and they were all blurry.  She doesn’t say anything about their quality, and I feel really awful because I can’t have … Continue Reading →


I had some maternity portraits done not too long back.  I got Tara again, the same woman who did our wedding album.  She did such a beautiful job that I felt it worth the hefty price tag.  I promised many of my friends that I would have these photos done, long before I … Continue Reading →


Joy of all joys.  I have hips!  

From the Heart

I talked on the phone with my father not a week or two ago, and he asked me how I was feeling.  I complained light-heartedly about the heavy feeling, and wanting to sleep all day – he laughed and told me to ‘buck up’.  I know it was his way of making … Continue Reading →

Belly Cast

My friend came over this weekend, both for the Harry Potter presale party at midnight on the 20th/21st – and to assist Curtis and I in making a belly cast.  

21 Days

I went to see Maggie this afternoon.  I discussed with her a couple of strange goings-on within the last few weeks, and she quickly surmised that I might be in “pre-labour”, or an extended latent phase.  I lost part of my mucus plug this week, but it was unlikely that all of … Continue Reading →

Got your… tail

Our new cat Pumpkin is becoming quite the huntress.  She’s brought in two birds in two weeks, neither body has been found but the house is sufficiently covered in black feathers.  She does it at night when no one can interrupt her.   This evening I pawed through all of Curtis’ Playstation games … Continue Reading →