31 Week Belly Photos

My friend took these just a moment ago.  I added one to my ‘progression’ file, which I’ll post towards the end of the pregnancy.  When I compare this belly photo to some of the earlier ones, I can’t believe I thought I was big then. 31 Weeks   “That’s not a moon, that’s … Continue Reading →

Countdown to Motherhood

I realized the other day that my pregnancy calculations have been off by a week for quite some time.  As of today, I’m 31 weeks pregnant.  Good god.  6-8 weeks and I could deliver.  That’s like ordering a package.  I’ve sent away for my baby and I’ll receive her in the customary 6-8 weeks…  

I went online to look up information about this movie, but couldn’t find any.  I assume it will come out within a year, maybe more. While riding the ferry today with a friend of mine, we saw a dozen cameras and a large studio crew on the upper deck.  We accidentally walked … Continue Reading →


My mother came back from the doctor’s today with three pieces of news.  First, that her massively swollen knee was a double-sprain that needed to be bandaged, she’ll get a cortisone shot in it within two days to help with the pain.  The second requires a little bit of back story.

Move Along

We woke up at quarter past seven in the morning on Thursday so that we could bring the cats over to the new house before the movers arrived at 9:30.  We brought two at a time, without a carrier.  It’s ten times easier to transport cats when you don’t use one; they … Continue Reading →

Chemical Dependance

I don’t know what made me start thinking about it.  I think it was Curtis’ off-hand comment about an actor on television that seemed a little bipolar.   I hear people talk about how they first heard their diagnosis, and the kind of crushing blow that followed.  Sometimes enough to drive them into … Continue Reading →


For the love of god, someone please tell me how you cure hiccups in uteruo.  She’s had them for over a half hour, and it’s driving me insane.  I’m sure it’s driving her even more insane (especially since she’s begun kicking violently after every few hics).   Bump… bump… bump… bump…  I could set … Continue Reading →

Hush, hush

Like an unusually great number of my friends, I’ve lived most of my life with sleep problems.  Living off 3 or 4 hours of sleep per 24 period for weeks or months at a time doesn’t usually phase me; I’m used to it.  Even waking up every 45 minutes, or an hour … Continue Reading →

Blimp Sightings

It’s hard not to feel self-conscious as I balloon outward.  Curtis has done nothing but make sure I know how much he loves the way I look, but sometimes you can do a perfectly good job of feeling bad all by yourself. We were sitting on the couch watching television earlier, … Continue Reading →

Apparently there’s a fine line between paranoid scitzophrenia, and curious wildlife.