Bitch Slap

Our cats don’t fight like animals.  They don’t even fight like people. When Moe and Chloe are irritated at each other they sit about six inches apart, close their eyes and turn their heads away, then slap each other with their paws until one of them falls over.   I think they’re … Continue Reading →

Kitten Sitting

Our downstairs neighbor Nadine, the one who got the lesser brunt of sewage, hasn’t been able to stay at her home for the past few days.  The cleaners came by and ripped up her carpet, and part of her floor, then sanitized her bathroom.  We offered to babysit her kitten for her … Continue Reading →

For anyone who watches American Idol

Does anyone else think the giant navel gemstone that Kimberly Caldwell wears makes her look like a troll doll? Maybe it’s just the glare from the lights that makes the gem look like it takes up her entire navel.  Either way, I can’t look at her without seeing those things. ~:) … Continue Reading →

Pants on Fire

Just a note to all of those people out there who are admitted lairs.  Keep your stories straight from person to person, especially if they all belong to the same group of friends.   Also, if you’re faking a pregnancy, do know how many weeks along you are.  

Baby Dance

   21.5 weeks.  Baby: 10 inches long, weighing nearly 1lb. This evening Curtis and I lay in bed and played with the baby.  Every few nights we spend an hour or so feeling my stomach, and guessing which bumps are what parts.  This time it was particularly easy, as she was lying right … Continue Reading →


Curtis and I were woken up this morning by a woman in our complex banging on the back door.  “Turn off your water!” she was yelling.  She was an older woman, close to 60, frantically smoking a cigarette.  She’s a friend of Annie’s, and I know through her that the woman’s name is … Continue Reading →


In response to the notes I received last entry about the enormous size of my cats, I thought I’d post a few more photos and a bit of background.  Some of these I’ve had in my diary before, but I rather like posting photos of my cats so you’ll just have … Continue Reading →

Day in the Life

Nrrd has brought back the old Day in the Life project, and for the first time I can actually participate!  She may even do it again next month if we all ask her nicely enough.   So here’s my entry, photos taken on Saturday, March 15th.

There are a list of certain things you shouldn’t do if you have joint or muscle problems and are pregnant.  One of them is run or jog for any distance.  Being hypermobile I’m prone to hip dysplasia, and have to be doubly careful while doing things like stepping into the shower or … Continue Reading →

Domestic Disturbance

There’s a young couple next door to us.  I haven’t met them, but Curtis has run into them briefly a few times and says they can’t be more than 20 to 25.  On a few occassions I’ve heard the young woman crying through the walls when I was in the tub.  She cries … Continue Reading →