This House of Mine

I’ve lived in this house since I was eight years old.  My father built it.   I have an ancient memory of standing on the wild plot of land overlooking the lake and hearing my parents say this was where we’d live.  I remember bringing take-out to the job site when they were … Continue Reading →

We’re moving into our new place on Saturday, and likely won’t have the new phone line set up for a while.  Maybe by the time I get back the little, “Warning: Your diary is EXPIRED” box will have either decided to lock my diary or go away.  It’s been there for over … Continue Reading →

No Shame

Chloe loves that new headrest I’ve grown for her. ~:) Babs

More Photos

I took two more belly photos today.  They turned out a little nicer than the one I posted in previous entry.

You want belly photos?

Here’s your stinkin’ belly photos!   (And a general pregnancy update). Just before I got my new camera, and also just prior to baby playing hide and seek, I started doing a progression.  I’m 17.5 weeks now, so in just a few days I’ll officially be 5 months pregnant. Curtis took this … Continue Reading →

Back where you belong

Curtis came home late last night.  

But totally harmless, really

you are the cute but psycho happy bunny. Youadorable, but a little out there. It’s alright,you might not have it all, but there are worse which happy bunny are you? brought to you by Quizilla ~%) Babs

Hide and Seek

Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed a lightening feeling in my stomach.  The excruciating backaches, hip pain and sciatica stopped almost overnight.  I’m also not getting up to pee 26 times a day anymore.  I’ve been told on numerous occasions that once you hit the second trimester your uterus will lift out … Continue Reading →


Love Letters

Without you here, the room seems so much darker when the lights are out.  It’s so quiet I can’t sleep, and so cold that I sleep with three blankets and three cats.   I’ve had the heat on since you left; I suppose I never appreciated how warm you always keep me.  It’s … Continue Reading →