Pretty bird, ‘fraidy cat *updated

Last night our baby bird, Erana arrived.  Despite a two-hour car ride, and the fact that she’s still just an infant, she’s shockingly calm.  Within moments of arriving she was socializing with us.  She’s gorgeous, and looks a lot like the cockatiel I had many years ago.  Kudos goes to the woman who hand-raised … Continue Reading →

Perscription Latte

More than three weeks straight I’ve had a migraine headache.  I can’t take anything for it; nothing is safe during pregnancy outside of the occasional Tylenol, which does squat, as any migraine sufferer knows.  This particular one goes up and down; some days it’s not so bad at all and I can … Continue Reading →

Could it be the world’s largest baby?

In the world’s smallest woman?  I’ll show you a photo of my circus freak stomach, just promise not to laugh. Three Months   According to my midwife, everything is perfectly normal size – I’m just extrodinarily petite.  Though, I can’t shake the feeling I’ve swallowed too many watermelon seeds during childhood, or something. … Continue Reading →

I’m almost thirteen weeks now.  About a week until the first trimester ends, although the exact date is highly debated.  My stomach is starting to feel tight, and a little itchy – I’m quickly losing the navel I once knew, there are bets being placed for how long it’ll take to pop … Continue Reading →


I had a midwife appointment today. All of my blood tests came back with good results. The only thing of note was that while I still don’t store iron, my hemoglobin levels are fantastic.


A friend posted a link to this site where you can search for baby names (or your own) and then go a list of drawbacks, or teasing nicknames that can be used against it.   It’s a fun site .

Blue-haired goons

The local library is run entirely by inept 80-year old women.  They volunteer, which means they have little drive for what they’re doing other than the opportunity to make themselves look big by using a computer system that was outdated in 1989.  

Do you know your arse from your elbow?

Prove it Beware, this is a lot harder then it looks. ~:) Babs

Introductions – Basic

Pagan.Multiple.Friend.Lover.Wife.Flake.Psychic.Empath. Reincarnate.Skeptic.Taurus.Survivor.Trekkie.Believer.Optimist Freak.Proud.Writer.Artist.Introvert.Sister.Dreamer.Pacifist. On August 2nd, I’ll even be a mother. These are my selves; the facets of my past, present, and dreams of my future. I write with truth, but take a poetic license. I am a writer, after all. I am a survivor of child abuse; physical, emotional, … Continue Reading →

Criminal Activity

Disclaimer:  I’ve been obsessing these last few entries on some of the things parents choose to do to their children, be it terrible or a simply matter of opinion.  If you’re sensitive to it, I advise not to read.