Christmas Barbie

My father and Marika left this morning after a two-day visit.  I haven’t seen either of them since the wedding.  My father grew his hair longer.  I’m not quite sure of the look he’s going for, but it’s starting to go towards “New age retro hippie”.  He always wears such loud shoes when he … Continue Reading →

Usually Christmas is an awful time for me, no matter if it was a lovely day or not, the memory disappears within a few weeks.  It may be the fact that we didn’t have decorations, the family dinner, a tree or an armful of presents made it better – for me … Continue Reading →

Merry Ramachanukwanzayulemas

Or something. Whatever denomination, happy holidays. ~:) Babs

Morning sickness caught up with me.  “Morning sickness” is misleading, however, it’s all-frigging-day sickness.

For months I’ve been charged up to go see “The Two Towers” with friends.  We even got tickets for the 12:01am showing so we could see it first.  We arrived two hours early and did nothing but sit around and jitter.   People clapped when the movie trivia came on: they were so … Continue Reading →

First Baby Photos

I went in for my ‘early dating ultrasound’ this morning.  I’m seven weeks, and four days along, and the baby is measuring perfectly.   It was such a surreal experience.  I’ve been in and out of denial, it’s just too good to be true – seeing the baby moving around on the monitor … Continue Reading →

Yesterday: We spent the entire day in the city.  Curtis got his super-exam done for the immigration people, and nothing was wrong.  We also saw the lawyer and told him absolutely everything we thought to be concerned about, and he foresees no difficulty getting him immigrated – I just need to get … Continue Reading →

I spent hours this evening looking up this sleeping pill and birth defects it can/will cause.  The thing that frightened me wasn’t that it “could” cause them, but was that it was in class X, which means (and says) “it will cause them”.  It’s a benzodiazapine, but I’ve spelled that wrong.  It’s also … Continue Reading →

I’ve mentioned in here before that I don’t sleep at night, and have taken sleeping pills irregularly for a few years now.  Recently I started doing a set of two-per-four-days, which worked out well.  I stopped taking them when I thought I might be pregnant, and haven’t taken them since. Although I’ve … Continue Reading →

Every week for the past year I’ve gone down to the bookstore and picked up, “What to expect…”, flipped through a few pages, sighed and put it back.  I can’t describe how thrilled I was to finally be able to go down and buy it.   But they were sold out. So … Continue Reading →