Why I don’t write

It’s been over a year since I’ve written anything here. Or anywhere. And it isn’t even that I haven’t wanted to: there have actually been a lot of times I really wanted – needed – to sit down and write through something… but I don’t. I’ve wanted to share photographs, … Continue Reading →

Strings and sealing wax

It feels a little weird to sit down and write things about Tempest’s life and challenges now that she seems to be in the midst of her pre-teen years. There’s been a major change in her personality over the last six or eight months, and it’s like she’s aged five … Continue Reading →

Wherefore art thou

It’s been a very stressful… while. Everything just sorts of blends together, and after a while the constant state of anxiety starts to feel so normal that I forget when it started, or what started it… everything just feels fucked up in one way or another. While I was in … Continue Reading →

I mean really how many copies of the newsletter do I need

In the spirit of trying to write more posts, even short ones, when I have something I want to talk about rather than waiting a month to putt it all together… You know what’s really damn annoying about having kids of various ages in different schools? Getting those mass “class … Continue Reading →

Overdue and rather inadequate

Eventually I’ll learn to journal regularly again. One part busy, one part embarrassed (for not writing enough), one part forget and one part lazy. The last month has been a ridiculous amount of medical crap, even for our family. When you live with any chronic illness or disability, medical crap … Continue Reading →

Shampoo-free 10 years later (plus, FAQ version 2.0)

(It’s more like 9.5 years but I’m rounding). TABLE OF CONTENTS •   What is this no-poo thing you speak of? •   Why on Earth would I do this? •   What you’ll need •   Step one: baking soda •   Step two: apple cider vinegar •   … Continue Reading →

Finding the mojo

Zephyra has developed this quirk in her language where her standard response to things is “What”. This is way, way more annoying than it sounds. I have no way of knowing if she’s actually asking “What?” or confusing it with another question like, “Why?” or is simply making some sort … Continue Reading →

Holidaze ’13

  Holiday season ’13 is officially done. It was an unexpectedly awesome season this year but holy crap there was just so much. So much. From the first night of Yule straight on until several days from now kind of felt like listening to 10 songs all at once while … Continue Reading →


The holidays have never been my strong point, and I tend to sort of absorb into myself to get through the month. The last few years have actually been mildly improved over previous ones. Okay, maybe significantly improved if I really think about it. There was once a time when … Continue Reading →

Little lost boys

Two days before Jericho’s birthday a tiny baby bunny appeared outside my back door, which is sliding glass leading into a small, but high-fenced backyard. I see the babies often enough in little groups around the complex, tiny ones don’t generally wander too far from the nest until they’re about … Continue Reading →